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On the subject of Wintrow...

I will return when I can (time here for only one task but, in the meantime, I'd suggest going to possibly such posts as The Skill and the Wit and maybe even, ah, trying to think where,..the Mythical Creatures or Circle of Magic threads? Argh. There's a few where this discussion has been held. Great to have you pop in, Provost!
he is not skilled exactly in the way some of the people in the six duchies are... but there are indications that he too has Elderling ancestry... and being around she-who-remembers doesn't exactly stop such ancestry from showing its face...
Sorry all. Did a quick search of the topic before making the post but should have known that you'd already discussed it.Thankful

Still, Wintrow's ability would never have developed. He didn't ever really have any opportunity to learn, right?
No worries... repeats never hurt... much...

Should he spend significant time around serpents, or dragons, it might develop more. The real trick about skill is that while some aspects can be taught, they only really grow when around dragons.
(Sep-11-2012, 02:12 PM (UTC))Provost Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry all. Did a quick search of the topic before making the post but should have known that you'd already discussed it.Thankful

No worries. Smiling I'm happy to discuss and re-discuss and re-re-discuss...these discussions never get old... P it's Time that eludes me. Dodgy

I also know that if I say something here, it will likely conflict with what I've said 'there' and 'there' so I have to get my story straight first...especially with all those beings known as 'thul about! Big Grin

Why? Why would you wish to remove these beings' chance to point out your contradictions?
^ Oh, we have plenty of *other* things to argue about you beings! Slurp

Just looking, sory Provost...crikey, I can't even find the posts I'm looking for and I was the one who wrote them! Surrender P

I know I had a recent-ish discussion about this with Valarya...or, at least, meant to come back to such a discussion with her because I went looking for old posts that time as well! Big Grin
but, but... Crying

(Sep-10-2012, 07:16 PM (UTC))Provost Wrote: [ -> ]On the subject of Wintrow...

Is he skilled? When he's comatose and recovering at the beginning of Ship of Destiny the Vivacia dragon says that she has always been with him. An unconscious skill link to his family ship would explain his stained glass artwork.

Later on, Bolt offers to teach Wintrow how to heal with a process that sounds remarkably similar to Six Duchies skill healing. She promises that he'll be able to perform this healing even after he leaves the ship, unlike Kennit's false miracle of restoration.

This wouldn't be possible unless Wintrow had the skill. Would it?Pirate

I've taken out the spoiler tags as there's a spoiler tag in the thread title, so we can discuss this freely.

I can find only these here and here and here ...but none really say what I've said elsewhere, I don't think.

Not that this will either as I should be asleep Sleepy Sleeping ...still, yes, I believe that Wintrow has 'the stuff of dragons' in his family line and has, to a certain degree, been trained in the Skill during his priest training. As well as the examples you mention, his Skill ability is also present when he is with the slave woman who dies. I think I touched on this in the Homecoming thread.

This Skill has then been heightened by his contact with Vivacia and She-Who-Remembers etc. I also believe that ones such as Reyn, Malta and Selden etc are all Skilled and each of these have all had their abilities progress due to their increased sensitivity. Fitz has long been noted as being sensitive and sensitivity, I believe, is firmly linked with the Skill. Ones such as Malta and Reyn can be seen to progress through stages of sensitivity and Vivacia even noted that Brashen had grown far more sensitive to her kind since the last time he had been on her deck (this was in SoD and it had not been since early on in SoM, just after Ephron's death, that Brashen had been on board). It was the sensitivity that Fitz experienced that caused him to lose contact with Verity during times of heightened emotion/berserker phases. This sensitivity is also linked to the Wit which is linked to the Skill and all other magics (including that combination of the two) within the Circle of Magic.

More to add, as ever, but I need to doze... :

Sorry for the edits but I think I need to add Farseer spoiler tag to the title as well, Provost, seeing as we're discussing the Skill?

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