Full Version: Dutch Graphic Novels
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Seeing as I don't read or speak Dutch, I can't know if the Dutch graphic novels have ever been mentioned here but, in case not, the fifth volume of the Farseer graphic novel, "De samenzwering" has now been released. Flowers
I think I mentioned them somewhere but also mentioned that they were a bit overpriced for my taste.

Nice one, thanks joost. Smiling Now that we have this sub-forum, it didn't occur to me to look outside of it for previous Dutch-related discussions! Ouch P
So if my track keeping is correct, the Dutch translation should have just about reached part 7 by now (and the French part 8/9 should be out in the autumn). Has there been any news about a possible Dutch translation of the Liveship graphic novels that the French are doing, Les Aventuriers de la Mer?
Volume 7 was published in may 2014. I haven't read them (yet), despite being both a Robin Hobb and a comics fan, but they're horribly (over)priced: €17.50 for each volume. (website of Luitingh fantasy, the Dutch publisher of Robin's books) has no mention of the Liveship comics yet.
The final Dutch volume was published in January it seems.
I would love to get a set of them (in either language actually, as it seems no one's going to publish them in English) now that the series is finally finished, but I agree with joost that the prices feel a bit too high.