Full Version: International Book Week
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We missed it here, but...

International Book Week is celebrated every year in the third week in September. Apparently the social media tradition to mark this occasion (?) is to pick up the book nearest you, turn to page fifty-two and post the fifth sentence as your Facebook status (and don't let on the book title). Better late than never, I say, so here goes (minus Facebook!):

Quote:So he is seeking it, seeking it, and all his thought is bent on it.

I have a feeling most of you will know this one! If you don't get it straight away, have a think and I'm sure you'll come across an 'Aha!' moment. Wink

I would love you all to reciprocate with your 52/5 sentence too! Smiling

these beings would have, but the closest book would not make sense to you. it is in norwegian. (a book about Thorium)