Full Version: The Ki and Vandien Quartet
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Just making a space for chatting about these books, as one has never been made. More soon! Big Grin
these beings have not read them, so they cannot discuss them.
They are, of course on 'the' list! Do let us know your thoughts on them, though Farseer Smiling
I've read the first two. I own the fourth one. I still have to get a copy of the third one.

I liked Harpy's Flight more than The Windsingers, but they're both okay. They're not as good as Robin Hobb books, though.
I've not progressed with these since I began the series...only because I stopped due to not having time to invest in it all right now. A stand-alone book, or maybe ones that are being released in instalments, yes, but knowing that I have four books to get through, and knowing that I can't stop once I begin, well, it's off-putting if I don't have time to set aside...

...on the upside, the summer holidays creep ever closer! Book

I know you've been waiting a while for your other copy, AR, but these are available on Kindle, Amazon UK, iTunes etc as e-books, if you Dutch are able to access them. Those in the US can't but others of us can.
yup. summer is closing... only about 7 months left till it is happening...

*grins at Farseer*