Full Version: Series time line.
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No re-reading required by this Farseer...the likely reason for one's swift exit from the world stage, and another's entrance, is imprinted up here in my noggin. Wink P

I know that I've previously put this elsewhere (likely one of the other 'timeline' threads!) but a quick check-in here to note that Bingtown had had three years of war with Chalced by the time the Bingtown delegation had treated with Kettricken, Chade and Dutiful etc in Buckkeep in the first half of Golden Fool.

At this same point, Fool had noted to Fitz that it had been two years since he had last been on the Rain Wild River to witness the struggling of the weakling dragons under Tintaglia's care...

This carries on from what Fool had already noted to Fitz in his hut when they were first reunited in Fool's Errand.

EDIT: This week, I am grabbing a large piece of paper and Nikko and getting busy with yet another RotE timeline mindmap! Will post when done so everyone can contribute. Smiling END EDIT
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