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I know some of you have already finished the Dragon Keeper so you're probably already anxiously waiting for the conluding part, Dragon Haven. The only thing we know about this book is that it will be released in as UK, Australia and US editions in April or May of 2010. Seems like a long wait, but at least this time it's served to everyone at the same time! Clapping
I thought that it would be released in januari 2010 already. Has this changed?

She has finished the book already, alright? So why are they taking so long?
No, it's the US hardcover edition of the Dragon Keeper that is due in Jan 2010.
Dragon Haven UK/Australia publication has been moved to an earlier date - March 4th. Smiling I hope the US date (which was supposed to be at the same time in April/May as the UK one) will follow as well.

Also, Jackie Morris is currently working on the UK cover art, and I think it looks really beautiful. You can see the draft at the end of her July page and the painting progress in the current journal page.
Hooray! It will be released in time for my birthday Smiling
Sweet, same for me. Think I'll be getting a load of books for my 18th birthday haha! How my friends will curse me for a fool Big Grin
I moved this topic from "upcoming". Who's got their copy already, and where did you get it? The UK & Australian hardback is out, as is the bigger trade Aus paperback, and supposedly also the UK audio book, although the last one is the only one I haven't actually seen reported bought yet. I'm still waiting for my hb copy...

Since it's still a couple of months until the US edition comes out, please start a different topic(s) for spoiler discussions and mark the header with "spoilers" please. I know some of you are probably already anxious to start talking about it! Smiling
I'm bad with names of characters, so I've found it very helpful to print out a list of Dragon Keeper characters from Wikipedia, stick it in my book, and use it as a reference as I dive into Dragon Haven.
I thought the US editions come with a list of characters, at least I remember seeing such a list in one the US online excerpts. Or is your DK a UK edition Chris?
Yes, it's the UK version. I can't wait for the US versions, they are too far behind the UK.
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