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I made a fun discovery today. I was about to update the US cover of Dragon Haven in our wiki's cover gallery (the red tones have been toned down to match the orange/gold of the first part) and I noticed something peculiar about the landscape... here are the covers of both volumes, side by side and a bit overlayed. (No, it's doesn't fit 100%, but then these are only promotional images of the covers. It would be interesting to hear from those of you in the US when Dragon Haven comes out if these have been scaled to really match.)
Nice! Cool discovery. I'll post a picture when they are released here in the US.
That's awesome - good one, Mervi!
Well as I'm only half way through Dragon Haven I can't venture into the spoiler threads yet (oooooooh!!!)
But I just had to say something that won't be a spoiler .......

Rapskal is my new favourite character after he rocks up when Thymara and Tats are having a conversation (about something I can't say without it being a spoiler) and says 'Me too!' (p 134 of my hardback edition)

Teehee classic!

Dragon Haven
Yay! Just finished Dragon Haven so now I can join the spoileroonies!

My initial (spoiler free) impression:

Lord of the Flies meets Taming of the Shrew!! (or some other shakespeare romantic farce)
I'll admit there were some characters I could have done with less of, and some I could have done with more of...
Overall, really enjoyed it! And I liked the ending.
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