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(May-29-2010, 03:33 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]I can send the details on how we were instructed to subscribe to you as a PM (it was only ever advertised in her newsgroup and I don't want to post the email address publicly so that it doesn't attract spam).

That'd be terrific, thanks Mervi!
Nothing sentimental here, I'm afraid, just hard practicality; I use one of these: Gimble.

As I'm the sort of person who constantly carries a book around and tries to read while working, washing up, cooking, ect., my boyfriend got tired of seeing me use all sorts of household devices, cutlery, fruits, boxes and bottles to hold open my books. So he bought me these for my last birthday and so far they've been one of the best and most usefull gifts I've ever received! Smiling
A Gimble looks just like what I NEED Clapping. It sounds like your reading experiences (not to mention bookmarks!) are very much like mine, Chrischa...taken in spits and spurts, whenever a spare second allows!
I don't know what's more freaky - that Albertosaurus used the same bit of newspaper for a bookmark for 6 years (when I can't even keep a pen for a week) or that Chrischa reads while washing up!
I take my hat off to both those.
That Gimble thing does look really useful! I usually get frustrated trying to hold the book open while I'm eating.

Hey Mervi's bookmarks look familiar. I used to have a Garfield bookmark and also a LOTR bookmark - it wasn't Galadriel and I can't remember who it was, think Aragorn? I don't think I've ever bought a bookmark, I sometimes get them as presents. But who knows where any of them are now!

I use a scrap of paper from anywhere...... or lately the library gives you a printout piece of paper when you borrow a book so I often use that.
I have a terrible confession to make. I don't use book marks. I bend down the corners of my pages. *prepares for the inevitable hail of timbits*

(*gasp* I'm not Newboy anymore! yay!)
(May-30-2010, 10:02 PM (UTC))Lord Punctual Wrote: [ -> ]I bend down the corners of my pages.

You don't! Oh, Lord Punctual...tsk, tsk, tsk!!! *shakes head* Smiling

ps I'm just surprised you're not Beloved yet!!! You must have some kind of record!!
hail of timbits?????????????? well if it's what wikipedia just told me it is , throw some my way!!!!!

I didn't want to admit I sometimes put the book down open at its page.... (like pages side down....) I know that's bad!!
I almost always use a scrap of paper or quite often actually just close it without a bookmark!
oh, when i can't find a bookmark in hand i use a piece of paper.
but my favorite bookmark is the one i got buying the book. you see, the bookstore my mom works at has this awesome sale in which you buy 2 books and get a jar of coffee, so they have coffee related bookmarks. coffee and books are two of my favorite things! so i like those bookmarks.

also, for George R.R. Martin i have a special bookmark designed by his books, i bought it at a con a few years back.
I used to have this lovely gold-plated little clip-like bookmark, but unfortunately I lost it many years ago. That was the last bookmark I think I ever used. Now I just tend to remember which chapter I'm about to start!
I wish I had the willpower to start and stop reading at chapter points. I pretty much read until something forces me to stop - like hunger, work, unexpected fires....
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