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Heheh no worries!
I call them cat biscuits!

Wow yes I love when I come across some phrase only used in some other part of the country that I have never come across - it never ceases to amaze me too!
Excuse me for dredging up old threads, but I need to confess to my poor handling of books. I not only turn over the corner of the page, but leave them lying open, page down. Blink They also go in the bath with me (I have to read at least one chapter before I get out!) and are regularly shoved unceremoniously into my handbag for reading on the bus. Ah, but dog-eared and bent as they are, I love them all Slurp
I have become a serial book destroyer since joining this forum so suddenly find myself nodding to your comments, fool-ish, instead of gasping (as I would have done only twelve months ago)! EDIT: Actually, this treatment only extends to my RotE books, now that I think on it. And I excuse it in the name of "research", to my husband and children. END EDIT I really do need to put a photo of my copy of AQ on here...

Funny though....when I was at SupaNova and found myself having to choose between my battered copy of AA and a nice, new hardback copy for our Tangle Leader to make her mark on, I had to hand her the old one. I just had to. It now bears "To Farseer, Here the tale begins! Robin Hobb" on its less-than-pretty title page and I love it all the more.

Yes, nothing like reading a book in a bath...if that's a sin, I confess I gave in to that one in my teens and wallow almost nightly in it still! P

Hooray for dredging up old threads! Clapping
I read when I eat. So they inevitably get splattered by a bit of sauce or grease. A few years ago I'd go nuts about but now I just don't care; just wipe it off and keep going. I grumble more about the staining distracting me than the actual stain itself. I try to keep my art books clean though.

However, I never dog ear my books-- that just bugs me because it draws attention to a page when I don't want it to. I used to do the book in bath thing too and would leave my paperbacks in the bathroom and the steam did major water damage. I've long stopped doing that as the buckling got pretty annoying. I used scraps of paper I don't need that's within arm's reach like ripped pieces of paper, sticky-notes or magazine subscription cards as bookmarks.
This has all made me think of a phone call I received from my eighteen-year-old son at the beginning of the year, when he first left home to undertake his flight course...

He'd almost finished The Golden Fool and so I'd sent him my awfully banged up copy of Fool's Fate in the mail with numerous bookmarks and dog-ears still sitting in key locations. A couple of weeks later he gratefully rang to thank me for the extra $50 note I'd so thoughtfully slipped within the pages for him...Uhhuh...I wept, and that became HIS new favourite bookmark.

Moral of the story: Check your book for bookmarks you've made from currency BEFORE you lend it to someone!
Big Grin There's no danger of anyone finding a monetary note in any of my books! I forgot about the food/drink stains that also adorn my books. My mum leaves books in the bathroom..they really are unreadable! I bought her a whole new set of Anne Rice books for her birthday as a consequence of such mishandling!

I took my battered, bathed, dog-eared copy of Magicians Guild to be signed by Trudi Canavan. She actually seemed quite taken with it Smiling

I desperately need a bookcase, though I have no room to spare for one. My books, when read, are flung into what we call the junk cupboard (though my books are anything but junk!) which doesn't help maintain their condition at all, what with everything else also being flung in! In fact, opening that cupboard is a health and safety issue (in that an avalanche of 'stuff' could bury me!) I hunt for books with extreme caution in there! P

P.S. Much excitement..Ship Of Magic arrived today! I've only read the very first page explaining about Wizardwood etc. (still reading Golden Fool) and have had to look up the definition of 'sentient.' Good start...not! Blushing
Anyone here got a tip for removing page-edge fruit juice stains from a book?
the stains are visible when the book is closed, but not visible on each individual page... (edges only, in other words)
fortunately no page is damaged, nor is there any fluid warping.

Perhaps you should rebuild that cupboard, fool-ish? Get someone to build new supports for it so that it leans backwards making the back of the cupboard have an angle towards the floor of 60 degrees or so. That should prevent such avalanches.
Maybe small amounts of lemon juice (how ironic) to bleach it out? I think you'd have to leave it in sunlight for the bleaching action to work and that might risk your pages buckling from the heat. Maybe sun it on a cool day and with heavy bricks stacked on top?
These beings will try some stuff... maybe it'll work, maybe it wont...
I shifted house once, many, many years ago, and had boxes and boxes of books destroyed after they were driven about 100kms into town through a summer thunderstorm. I didn't want them taken that night. I wasn't in the car. I had no clue as to what was happening until days later. The driver was a relative who, though happy to do a good deed for me, obviously either did not value books or did not have the brains to consider books + rain = problem...and he remains to this day 'relative', not 'friend'. So many books... Crying

I also had boxes of photos and film, including baby pics of my eldest children, destroyed by a brother who decided to leave the house door open and let the lawn sprinkler in, and then left the premises for the rest of the day... Rant

I have never, though, had a problem with books warping in a bathroom despite the fact that I have super hot baths and always forget to open the windows. Possibly it has something to do with our Australian climate...?!
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