Full Version: Why I can't be with you so regularly any more
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I just want to tell you all here, that I can't be with you as often as I wish. Up to now I did a lot of reading and writing from my office. But now my company has intensified the safety-level, so that we are not able to log in on sides like this or Amazon etc. anymore. Which is sooooooo annoying for me. I can't make my orders at Amazon, I can't write here and so on, and so on. Horrible Dodgy!!!
So, don't think, that I'm off and away. I just can't visit you as regularly as before. In the evenings at home I very often simply don't have the time to turn on my laptop.
Read you later, Alligator Wink

I must say that a lot of people over the years have seemed to swing by here often during their work hours...and I have often thought how very generous with work hours the employers must be! Good to see that you're being put to work! Wink P

Keep your smile, Crocodile! Big Grin
It's always frustrating when companies block websites, isn't it!? I spend a lot of my work day reading & playing on the internet as well. Unfortunately I can't get to any gaming websites but at least youtube is open, haha.

Chin up! We aren't going anywhere. Smiling
I could be disciplined if I was to bumble about on the internet for anything other than work-related stuff. Computer usage is monitored 24/7, so I daren't Youtube, Farcebook or anything else..Undecided
I'd feel far too guilty, even without monitoring of any kind...and so don't.

I know...a goody-two-shoes much?! Angel Big Grin

If the workplace can't trust the employees to have at least some sense as internet use goes, then that says something either about them or about their choice in employees. (or so these beings say, early in the morning when the filter on what to post is still half-asleep)
There are many articles that show if a worker is given access to the internet during their desk jobs, they're actually MORE productive than if they didn't have it at all. In fact, Google headquarters encourages people to take long breaks on the internet or in the play-room with a video game console system. Of course they'll work longer hours, but having (what I call) "brain-breaks" throughout the day makes the time you actually work much more efficient.

To completely cut yourself off from online play during work is no help to anyone. Wink

Rules against such tends typically to be made by unimaginative people.

Many of the imaginative people will then, considering rules, find ways to bypass rules, wasting more time in the process than if they had had access in the first place.