Full Version: Wine Drinkers?
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Not many of us in the US, UK and Australia so have pitched this both here and the Newsgroup:

This may or may not be considered spammish (!) but, my children ordered some books for me for Christmas from The Book Depository [purchased via the links here at thePlenty so that we benefit! P ] and the invoices came back with a voucher for wine. I don't drink wine so wondered if anyone here may benefit from the voucher? It is the kind that is not free but rather one where you have to spend money to save it. Smiling

The voucher is only available for use by readers from the US, UK or Australia, and the terms/value of the voucher hinges upon the location of the voucher holder. For Australian readers, the offer includes free and next day delivery to the greater Sydney area only.

You can take a look at what's on offer here: and let me know if you'd like me to message you the code and password required to redeem the offer. Maybe by looking you will discover that the wines are horribly expensive even with any kind of discount! Wink
They know what pleases you, eh?

These beings, as you know, are not in the right physical location for such vouchers (not that they normally drink wine)
I'm not a wine drinker..brings me all manner of problems! I've received these vouchers before from Amazon and I think unless one is an avid wine drinker, they're not much use.

Now, beer on the other hand...Turned
^ You'd fit in well here, Down Under, fool-ish! P

Steve, from Robin's Newsgroup, is going to give it a go so the voucher has now been claimed. Happyballoon

@ 'thul: Yep, just my luck it had to be a voucher for wine! Down Now if it had been a discount off my next purchase... Clapping
a future discount would've been too good to be true, eh?

These beings rather like their physical bookstore... every 8th or so book is free.