Full Version: Kudos!!
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I wanted to send a Email to Robin Hobb, or a Email via her publisher but their site is so horrid that I decided to just write what I wanted to say here instead. Uhhuh

I have been reading since oh, the mid '70's and I have a massive collection of books, I've read everything from Fantasy to Bio's to well, single page stories on web sites. My main interest is Fantasy, why? Oh call it a connection that I can't resist. Stirring

I began the Soldier's Son Trilogy with a bit of trepidation, normally what I would consider "Cowboy or Western" style books that mix magic are either decent, or odious beyond belief.

I grew quite interested early on, as I love Robin Hobb's style and the fact that her characters and stories are not "Epic" But down to earth, believable as it were.

By the second book I was unsure that the story could be wrapped up in another volume, it just seemed too much to finish. (Little did I know that Mrs? Hobb's writing ability approaches the level of Tolkien and Donaldson)

I finished Renegade’s Magic last night and I was just astounded with the ending. Not only did she dovetail the story creating a believable ending, but it ended in a manner that didn't look forced or hurried. I felt that I had to at least express my admiration? My enjoyment at finishing a trilogy who's ending is as masterful as it's beginning.

I have read her other books, but not the Megan Lindholm volumes. I shall rectify that error soon.

That's all I wish to say, I look forward to her next volume knowing I shall enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed all her other books. Clapping


Hi Valandur, and welcome to our forums. Smiling One reasonably easy way of contacting Robin is through her newsgroup - I'm sure she'd be happy to hear your opinion about the SS trilogy as it has gotten very mixed reviews.

I too was doubting how the story could be wrapped up in the final volume, but she certainly succeeded in doing just that and in a very logical way.