Full Version: Royal Assassin dedication
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Yeah, shamelessly cross-posting. Blushing

What is the dedication in everyone' copies of Royal Assassin like? I just bought a UK hardback that has the same line as Assassin's Apprentice does (for Giles, Raphael and Freddy...) but the UK paperback, the US paperback and the Finnish translation all have "For Ryan". The dustjacket also lists the original price as 15,99 when Willem's old bibliography says it should be 14,99 for the first printing, which makes me think this is a 2nd printing. If you have the UK hardback, can you please check what your copy has for the original price and the dedication. All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Smiling
(If anyone's RA or any other Hobb book has other oddities in dedications, I'd love to know. These are something I'm planning on adding to the wiki as well.)
I own the UK paperback (old cover) of each. The dedication in both is "For Giles and for Raphael and Freddy, the Princes of Assassins."

On the subject of dedications, I've always wondered about the one in Ship of Magic. You know the one, the ridiculously long list of mostly nautical people and places. I'm guessing that "Rain Lady" might refer to the boat of the same name in The Windsingers, but all those others things...?
(First, to answer my own questions, the 14,99 appears to have been a typo in the bibliography. It's still unclear when the dedication was fixed, so I'm still interested to hear what everyone's editions say.)

Albertosaurus Rex, I think the list in Ship of Magic is of real ships that Robin has known. Her husband is a marine engineer and (based on Robin's comments in interviews and such) seems to spend a lot of time out on the sea.