Full Version: The ending doesn't make sense? Spoilers Farseer & Tawny Man
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One thing in all of this that I have always found interesting, and don't think I've ever mentioned here (because I was always going to pop it in the prophecies thread 'one day'!), is that Fitz changed the outcome of a prophecy in the very moment that he and Molly married and lived together at Withywoods.

Way back in AQ Kettle shared many of the prophecies that were centred around Fitz, one of which spoke of the Catalyst longing for home and hearth but being fated to never enjoy them.

At the end of FF, Fitz is still the Catalyst and to a greater degree than ever before and, yet, he *had* achieved his dream and quieted his longing.

In AQ, Fitz was also angry at Kettle about this particular prophecy (though he had tired of the others she quoted as well). I like that he, as Changer, has shown us that not only is he capable of making change where others are concerned but he is capable of creating change (as in changing his supposed 'fate') for himself as well. He turned this particular prophecy on its ear. P
prophecies that are absolutely guaranteed to come to pass are boring.
(Mar-18-2012, 08:56 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]In many ways, the same would be for me if I should find myself in a situation that would not allow me to hide any longer. I would have to face things. Maybe, like Fitz, I will one day have to have it all out in the open. On that day of reckoning, I would easily be able to take off exaclty from where the last confrontation had left...

As a stranger to you, at risk of stepping where I shouldn't, I want you to know that you are in my thoughts. I hope you be able to face what is troubling you sometime in the near future, while you both still have the option to do so. It can be very empowering.

As for the part about Fitz marrying his teenage love, in his 30s, it just happened to a friend of mine. She saw her highschool beau for the first time in about 15 years, and they fell madly back in love with one another, much to their mutual surprise.

I didn't think this was even really an issue of confusing for anyone. In the books Fitz even says that all of his emotions are 100% fresh (after getting them back from GoaD) as if the past 16 years hadn't even happened.

Luckily for him he had an adult's reasoning to deal with the emotions, though. P
But we still need to explain Molly, whose emotions are not fresh, and are overlain with a lot of grieving and letting go.
Do you really need to explain the inexplicable? In High Fantasy, True Love certainly falls in under "inexplicable"...
(Mar-18-2012, 09:58 PM (UTC))Narya Wrote: [ -> ]But we still need to explain Molly, whose emotions are not fresh, and are overlain with a lot of grieving and letting go.
Yep, Molly had lived with her emotions since the day she left Fitz and this was why I thought she might have rejected him. She had grieved for easy thing to take someone you once thought dead back in to your life and start again where you left off. But the ending is as it is and I suppose, ultimately their love overrode all else.
Molly never really interested me as a character. She doesn't go through hardships with the other characters or (to me) seem to bond much with Fitz. She seems very much like a childish infatuation/first love.

I always thought Fitz was a much better match for Kettricken. They seem to understand each other so much more, share similar views on many topics & of course Dutiful is their son.
It might be that kettricken was a better match for him, but she was essentially the forbidden love, the love that he could never get.
Well met luckbringer! Slurp

I was never a fan of Molly's but, well, it was up to Fitz to make his choice...and he chose Molly. P I may have said it before but I have to respect the bloke for staying his course and seeing it through with her to the end (or, at least, the end as we know it so far). Naw! Wub He did this despite the fact that other characters may have felt that she was below his station or whatever. In this he was not unlike Chivalry with Patience. Oh what I wouldn't give to know the backstory of he and 'Keppet's' mother though! Clapping

As for Kettricken, yes, there was always that bit of awareness there between she and Fitz, not at all helped by moments of passion that Fitz experienced with her through his Skill-link with Verity. Big Grin I loved the parts where he was confused between her scents and Molly's and also when Kettricken begged him not to look at her with her lord/love's eyes.

Still, for Fitz to love Kettricken and for Kettricken to love Fitz? Such woe for them both, I'd have thought? Regal went to great pains to spread the rumours of Kettricken's so-called affair with Fitz. His return to Buckkeep with her, but without Verity, would have perpetuated those rumours. If loved they did, they would have to do so in secret or otherwise confirm those lies. Even if Fitz had made Regal take back his claims, as he did when he placed the Skill command on Regal at the end of AQ, people would still have wondered? Of course, there was always the fact that Fitz felt he couldn't return to Buckkeep due to Shrewd's 'murder by his hand' or his Wit. Kettricken, on the other hand, had no choice but to return to rule if she was to stay true to her role as Sacrifice.

Interesting that Regal also included the fact that the yet-to-be-born Farseer heir was actually a product of Fitz and Kettricken's supposed 'relationship'. While it wasn't truth at the time he spread that rumour, I wonder how would Regal have felt should he have discovered the truth when it did later become 'the truth'?! Big Grin

I've just realised that other posts I thought I'd posted here have not been posted so I had best come back and repost some time soon! Joker eg Thanks Narya! Slurp
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