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I'm starting this one Smiling

Please, add the forums to the navigation of! Thank you!
Good one, thanks! Smiling I've been meaning to re-design the whole header/navigation thing (to make it more simple) but these things take time. I'll do a quick fix in a sec.
Thank you Mervi! But for some reason forums doesn't show on the Wiki navigation :S
Weird, it does show for me... Maybe if you try to clean your browser's cache...? Let me know if it still doesn't show up.

... which reminds me that I should modify the wiki's register page to notify forum users that they don't need to re-register! Smiling
Seeing it now, and didn't even clean the cache. Weird.
The mediawiki script is like that sometimes. It can be very frustrating when I'm changing something. But good thing that it works now! Smiling
So I don't have to start a new thread, I'll just ask this question here:

Is it acceptable to discuss books in general? For example, other authors that we might enjoy in between Hobb's stories. I know we want to keep this forum focused, so I'm not sure if this is too much of a stretch.

So my suggestion, an area of topic to discuss other works of fiction.

Chris, there already is Other universes area, where it says: "Other writers of speculative fiction, genres and tv-series of the genre etc".
What do you mean, other authors? Wink

Chris, feel free to go ahead and start any number of new discussion. I'll tell you if I think something's too off-topic. Smiling
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