Full Version: Blood of Dragons discussion thread - SPOILERS, obvs
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Thought I'd start a new thread for actually discussing the book since it looks like people are starting to receive their copies. When you're finished with the Book come here to share your thoughts, questions, impressions etc.

Since this is currently the last book in the Elderlings universe and most people have read them in (more or less) order, expect spoilers for everything between Assassin's Apprentice and Blood of Dragons!
Lonely in here, joost? P

Not for long! Crown
So, just wandering in to wonder aloud...not asking for confirmation, just wondering and predicting prior to the event. P Chapter Four: Leftrin has just noted the speed with which the impervious ship is travelling. It makes me wonder if it may be powered by slaves under the influence of elfbark...such as they fed the drug to keep them working in Chalced.

That's about it for now. Oh. My. I am enjoying this. Big Grin
I am 60% in and pausing for a break. Really, really good so far Smiling
I hate you all. Rant Am I the only American who still posts here? Crying
You can order the British version, even though you're on the wrong side of the pond P.
I have to read the thing again to remember everything else.
(Mar-15-2013, 04:30 AM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]I hate you all. Rant

Big Grin Slurp

I agree with those spoilers, joost!

Only 20% left to go. Been a huge day/night but I am not sleeping until I'm done. Book
Farseer, could you merge this thread with this one?
I agree with Joost Wink

I will come back to this when I've got the brain power to do spoilers Whistling
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