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There are a specific genre of books that an individual loves reading, some like the romantic novels which is the most sort after ones and then comes the mystery and the detective ones. There are some who like the self improvement kind of books. I like the romantic ones the most and then the mystery ones. What kind of books do you enjoy reading more?
It would be fun knowing about the different kind of books that the people here like reading.
Fantasy. I love it to bits. Preferably something in the mold of Robin Hobb or George R. R. Martin. I recently ordered some of Katherine Kurtz's Deryni books. I had never heard of her before Pat mentioned that she was one of his favorite authors and that books read like a cross between Hobb and GRRM. The second book of the Deryni Chronicles just arrived, I'm still waiting for the first* one.

Anyway.... where was I? I don't read all that much outside of fantasy. I like my fiction to take me out of my dull life. I suppose I would like SF novels too, I love SF television but I haven't read all that much SF books.

And I do not like the authors from my own country. Stay away from Dutch authors! (Except Arthur Japin, he's OK.)

* EDIT: It said second before, but obviously I meant that I'm still waiting for the first one.
There are some good Dutch writers, e.g. Tonke Dragt, Thea Beckmann, and Paul Biegel.
I typically choose fantasy books over any other kind of genre. However, I often find that fantasy writers have grand ideas about their books and the plot frequently gets lost in the details.

So when I get pissed off at crappy fantasy books, I turn to mystery and crime novels. My favorite writers are Michael Connelly, David Baldacci, Lee Child, and Jefferey Deaver.

@Albertosaurus Rex: Thanks for the Katherine Kurtz tip. The first three books on avalible on the Kindle, so I'm going to try a few out soon.
(Jan-18-2010, 10:45 PM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]There are some good Dutch writers, e.g. Tonke Dragt, Thea Beckmann, and Paul Biegel.
There are good Dutch childrens' authors, yes, the three you named are excellent, and I could add others to that list, like Paul van Loon and Jan Terlouw. But when they write for adults, they lose all imagination and sparkle and write boring pretentious books that I can't see the point of.

(Jan-18-2010, 11:48 PM (UTC))chriSchaeffer Wrote: [ -> ]@Albertosaurus Rex: Thanks for the Katherine Kurtz tip. The first three books on avalible on the Kindle, so I'm going to try a few out soon.
Do note that those were Pat's words. I haven't read them myself yet*. He also notes that the series really finds its voice in the second trilogy (The Legends of Camber of Culdi). The first trilogy looks like fun to me, though perhaps little cliche. But we'll see, right? Annoyingly, some of the books appear to be out of print and hard to find.

* And it might take a while for me to get there, as I still have two books I got for Christmas that I intend to read first.
I don't really think about books and reading according to genres. Sure, I can usually answer the question "what kind of a book are you reading" by saying it's mystery or fantasy or YA, but I don't go looking for books in libraries or bookshops belonging to any genre. I don't think "I'm in a mood for a sci-fi story today". For me it's more about the writing style and the subject matter. I don't really care for most that is labeled "fantasy" although my two top favourite authors (Tolkien and Hobb) are fantasy writers. I have a collection of crime/mystery stories by Dick Francis, but I don't really read any other authors on that genre regularly.
I mainly read fantasy (epic by preference), science-fiction and crime stories. Robin Hobb, Trudi Canavan, Anne McCaffrey, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Greg Bear, JRR Tolkien, Dick Francis (RIP), Agatha Christie, Colin Dexter, Reginald Hill...
Though I do really enjoy fantasy books, I'd have to agree with Mervi in that, rather than go out looking for a particular genre, I tend to look at the subject matter etc if I am unfamiliar with an author.

I'm not sure why but, over the course of my life, I seem to have gravitated most toward books/novels that include knights and/or dragons (ok, so the latter means fantasy!), or are based on the American Civil War, the Holocaust, the history and development of Australia and Amercia's West, or Indigenous Australians and Native Americans.

Still, I read pretty much anything (except Mills and Boon-type romances, particularly when featured in a rural setting...why am I thinking of Rachael Treasure Rant ?!) and find I am just as happy reading a non-fiction book on physics as I am reading an autobiography on Kostya Tszyu, an Archie comic, a book of poetry by Banjo Paterson or even a dictionary!
in the past few years i guess i became really petty about the books i read. once i could keep reading a book even if it didn't hook me right away... these days if i don't get hooked by the 50th page i abandon the book...

my favorite books are epic fantasy so i usually look for these. when i get out of the genre i mostly go to big, heavy books (like the last book i read that wasn't fanatsy was WWII book from the eyes of a German soldier) or books i read in my childhood because i like them a lot.
i think i can like any kind of books if i like the characters and plot, but i really need people to recommend them for me or i'll just hide in my safe epic fantasies Blushing
Bumping this thread as I'm interested in reading your responses Smiling !
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