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Is anyone else here a fan of LOST? The final season is about to begin very soon, so I thought if you guys want to share with us your theories and thoughts, now would be a good time! I've been doing a crazy re-watch marathon myself - I've watched seasons 1-4 and most of the bonus material during the last 2 weeks and I'll try to get through season 5 too before we get new episodes.
Oh yeah, Lost is definitely my favorite tv show. I have already seen season 5, so I'll have to be careful what to say around here - but trust me when I say that things will get really crazy in season 5.
Oh, I've seen season 5 as well, I'm just rewatching the whole thing in the hopes that I might remember/understand everything better. Big Grin

I'm pumped. This should be an epic finale. There's so much that still needs to be answered. I recently found this page and it made me even more excited for next week.

One question for you guys overseas. How does the time difference work? Who sees it first? Does it air at the same time? I don't want to post here and spoil anything for anyone.
I think it's a few days for the UK and Australia and varies with the rest?
Here in Finland we're supposed to get the first ep of season 6 at the end of February, and we often catch up on the schedule if you have any mid-season hiatuses, but I think I won't have the patience to wait so I will be downloading episodes the next day... Blushing Anyway, I think we can have free season 6 conversation here according to the US schedule if you guys want, I'll just label the discussion with a spoiler warning. But if I may ask... please no spoilers before each ep airs in the US. Is that okay?

Hmm. Why is Kate's horse marked as unsolved? I thought it was just a metaphor/manifestation of the black smoke for her guilt.
Here in the Netherlands, the episodes are broadcast only days after their broadcast in America, starting on 5 februari. (I do have to note that my father and I watched season 1-5 on DVD in the space of just a few months. A few very exhillirating months....)
That's interesting, I've always wondered how TV scheduling worked for my international friends.

So as long as you guys know not to read any posts until after you have watched the latest episode we're good. And maybe as added buffer if I'm the first to post, I'll put it in a spoiler tag.

testing the spoiler tag...

3 Days and 9 Hours!!
So, what are your thoughts on S6 so far? I thought the premiere was very exciting, the Kate ep was a big disappointment (mostly because plotwise it didn't really "go" anywhere), and this week's Locke episode was brilliant and fun.
Premiere was amazing. We were jumping all over the place pointing out stuff, it was a lot of fun. As you said, the Kate episode was really boring. Didn't go anywhere.

But I very much enjoyed this week's installment. The actor that does Locke is awesome. I can really tell that he is now different. Not only in what he says, but also in how he acts. Really cool.

I'm totally lost on how the dual realities are going to come together. Maybe the fake world will put it all together (they've hinted that they remember some things) and the two time lines will merge. Not really sure.

And the numbers!! That was awesome. I see where they all came from, but WHY are they assigned like that. Any ideas?
Hey fellow LOST fans! I want to hear your thoughts about season 6 so far. I have to say Recon was a huge disappointment for me, as I kept waiting for some crazy plot twist à la polar bears to come, and nothing really exciting happened. But then Ab Aeterno came and restored my faith. I simply loved every minute of it: how they teased us with the stupid season 1 "the island = hell" theory, how they gave us real answers about Richard, how there was virtually NO Jack and how the Jacob/MiB dynamic was played out. And seriously, I thought LOST had kind of left its "The Prisoner" influences behind after season 3, but now I'm seeing them again left and right (which I love!)

Yeah, the point of this rambling is pretty much "LOST = Cool"
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