Full Version: LOST (spoilers for aired S6 episodes!)
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I'm not really a 'fan' of Lost, but I have watched quite a bit of it. I liked it at first, but after I stopped religiously watching it I think I just didn't know what was going on and it seemed to be an unending repetition of the same scenes. How many times did a slightly different group of people revisit that same beach and build/rebuilt shelters! How many times did someone grab a gun and 'lock and load' and declare they were going after and then someone else have an argument over whether they were going too. ETC ETC
BUT anyhoo, I did see that episode you mentioned above Mervi tonight here in Aus and it was one of the better ones I've seen in a while. So, yay!
erm i'm not sure what screens when - have you seen the ep The Package?

If so, then view spoiler

How do you know what the titles of the episodes are? They are not displayed during the episodes themselves.

By the way, this recently came out. Haven't been able to get a copy myself yet.
The only way I know the title is from looking in the TV guide (ours is online).
I must admit I'm not a HUGE fan of Lost, but it's certainly ok and more interesting than most things on TV here. Most things seem to be dramas about hospitals, solving crimes or reality shows.
Yes! Got it! I got the SFX special about Lost today! Including a poster, mousepad and a Dharma patch. I'm not quite geeky enough to actually sew it onto my clothing... hey, but what about my rucksack? (I am using the correct word here, right?)
Rucksack? I had to Google that word. Never heard it before, but I see tons of results on Google for that word, so I know it must be very common. I say backpack.

Anyway, you gonna post a picture of your LOST goodies? Smiling
Here they are! I suspect that there are multiple covers - Lost being an ensemble show, there would be no sense in giving everybody a John Locke (Or is that the Smoke Monster?) cover.

For some reason I don't seem to have the posters. >Down Although I'm not really in the habit of putting up posters anyway.

Still considering what to do with my Dharma patch.
I knew what a rucksack was, but I would probably say backpack instead.
Wow a patch? Like you have to sew it onto things, it doesn't iron on? I didn't know they still made those!
I don't really have a better idea of where to sew it than your idea.
There's only so many things you can sew things to ... Wink
Is anyone still watching Lost?

Hmmmm thoughts?
About Across the Sea? Well, I for one LOVE it that this show so often breaks the "rules" of tv - can you imagine any other tv show, in it's very few final episodes after many years in the air, telling a story involving a major character we've never met before and featuring NONE of the ~original characters* except for a very short clip of old material? Not only did they do that, but (imho) they pulled it off very well.
(* The ones which normally are considered the ones the audience is only interested in and rooting for.)

It's been very interesting to read blogs and and other writings where people are commenting on this season, seeing meaning in everything and demanding answers even when they are right there in front of their eyes. One of my favourites was a comment (I think on the music box left for Claire) that "it can't be a red herring, it's too late for that" - well my friends, this is LOST. Regular protocol does not apply. P

I'm mentally preparing for the finale (did you hear? 2,5 hours!) to be a total mindf***. Actually, I will be disappointed if it won't completely confuse me and leave me screaming madly. I don't expect us to get all the answers, or even one "side" to "win". LOST has always been about asking questions and balancing between the two sides (or the black and the white if you want). Has anyone here watched the original The Prisoner from the 60's? I don't want to spoil it, but if you know how that series ended... well, let's just say it's good to keep in mind that the creative minds behind LOST have mentioned that show many times as their inspiration (and paid homage to it in the LOST universe in several subtle ways).

Anyway I just really hope we'll see Juliet again before this whole thing is over. We've already got "back" my two other favourite dead losties, Charlie and Libby. I'll be very happy indeed if she shows up as well. Actually I'm predicting her to be sideways-Jack's ex-wife.
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