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Yeah I thought it was good. I am actually looking forward to the finale now. The show 'lost' me in the middle but I've got sucked back into it now that I know the end is in sight. Hehehee!
They've really got a lot to live up to now - I hope it's not a disappointment in the end! Yeah, I think totally explaining every little thing would be a bad idea .......
I haven't seen 'The Prisoner' so I'm totally in the dark about possible endings. Just the way I like it!
Yeah Juliet - surely she has to have more to say before the end? I like your theory! And you may be right on the money.
Can I like, fast-forward to Sunday night? (Or early Monday morning for me.) After "What They Died For" I am SO happy the finale is only 4 days away, I would have gone crazy waiting the whole week. I'm going to be a mess anyway, because LOTS is also ending this weekend, and it looks like it won't be renewed for a third season. Down

For those of you in the US, you can watch the original The Prisoner online here. For the rest of you, there's a DVD box set and possible re-runs - they made a "remake" miniseries last year, and its distribution rights were recently sold to a lot countries, so I think there's a good chance channels will also be airing the original again soon. The original is only 17 episodes long, so it's not a huge project to check it out. If it does nothing else for you, it will make LOST seem like a very simple and understandable story! Big Grin
There's GOT to be a twist to what occurred in that (penultimate?) episode.......

Glad to see Ben back to his old form though.
Yeah, Jack deciding to be the Protector was too easy. I was expecting the group to at least debate it among themselves. I think Jack might die or otherwise be unsuitable to actually do the job, and it might actually end up being Hurley because he said "I'm glad it's not me" or something to that effect. I also fear Sawyer will sacrifice himself somehow - he's done it before (jumping from the helicopter) and he's probably still feeling guilty about what happened in the sub. Or it might be Kate, is she sees that Claire gets off the island so that Aaron has someone to look after him. Speaking of Claire, where was she?
I know! Jack is way too obvious.
Also, I'd actually like the job I reckon. Get to live as long as you like on a nice tropical island by myself? Yeah!!!!
Hehehee (you can see why I prefer the end to Assasin's trilogy to the end of Tawny Man now)

I'm a bit intrigued as to Desmond being 'back up plan' (or whatever it was)

Hey yeah Kate - hey why did he say she was crossed off as a candidate because she became a mother but the Kwons weren't crossed off? (or were they? i could easily be wrong, i don't pay close enough attention to this show!)

I was wondering what happened to Claire too .....
Well, it was never clear which of the Kwons it was on the wall, but based on what Jacob said to Kate, we could assume it was Jin. Anyway, those names weren't, ermm... set in the stone P, because Kate had the chance to take the job anyway. They weren't "rules", but more like a list I guess. Big Grin

I wonder if we're going to see Shannon in the finale. I know they meant to have her in the season premiere along with Boone, but the actress was busy filming something else. As they seem to have brought back almost every other significant character from the previous seasons in one way or another this season (mostly in the flash-sideways), it would be nice to see her too, even if she was never my favourite.

Actually, thinking about this I went through the cast lists of each season, and these are the other important? characters we haven't seen in season 6 unless in flashbacks (and I mean flashbacks in the general sense, not the LOST way Wink)
- Waaaaaalt (obviously impossible since the actor has grown so much)
- Vincent! Damn it, they promised he would survive the series! WHERE IS HE?
- Some of the most memorable Others, like Tom Friendly, Bea, Kelvin, Goodwin and Horace. I wonder if there's a reason they don't exist in the flash-sideways world, or if we just haven't seen them.
- Mr. Eko! (And his brother Yemi)
- Nikki and Paulo (ok, I know a lot of people hated them, I actually liked their episode a lot)
- Naomi
- Karl (Alex's boyfriend)
- Cassidy (the mother of Sawyer's daughter and a friend of Kate's)
- Neil aka Frogurt (so he's not important but it would be cute to see him again!)

And Juliet of course, as mentioned before. This is actually an impressively short list, considering how big the cast has been, and how many characters have been killed in the show.

So. I'm expecting to see Juliet and Vincent this Sunday, and hope for some additional nice surprises from the rest of the errmmm... lost cast members. Radar
Oh, wasn't Jin the father of Sun's child? (geees I am clueless!!)

Hehehe I don't even know who half the people you mentioned ARE!

Ooh but every time it comes on we say 'When's Mr Eko showing up????"

We DID see Anna Lucia (or however you spell that?) yay
(May-21-2010, 03:24 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, wasn't Jin the father of Sun's child? (geees I am clueless!!)

Yes he was, although for awhile we weren't sure because Sun had an affair just before coming to the island.
ok, I didn't take the 'mother' thing literally - i automatically thought he meant 'parent' - but maybe Jacob is sexist!!!!!!!
Guys, I'm not going to lie. Before the final ep, I was kind of feeling indifferent, "let's just get it over with", "I just want to see Juliet and Vincent and that's it" etc. But from the moment where Charlie realizes who Claire is (OMG DOM you *killed me* there) I was more or less crying until the end. It's not news that my head hurts after an episode of LOST, but always before it's been because my brain hasn't been capable of handling all the plot twists. Now it was just because I had been crying so much.

Oh show.

It was perfect. It was a closure, but with just enough left open for interpretation and speculation. And the Prisoner, which has been hinted at before, was spelled all over the dialogue. Watch that show, you'll see what I mean.
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