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The Inheritance available at

19 Aug, 2005 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet has launched a new service called Amazon Shorts with the aim to revive short-form literature. They are offering digital copies of exclusive short-form works, for 49 cents each. Included is Robin Hobb’s The Inheritance, a story set in the Bingtown area which was originally published in the 2000 promotional paperback Voyager 5: Collector’s Edition and has been pratically out of reach for the general audience.

Please note that Amazon Shorts isn’t currently available to EU customers.


New icons and links

12 Aug, 2005 filed under: Site updates, Hungary

There are 30 new livejournal icons by roguem and all icons have been divided to several pages according to maker and original artist. I’ve polished the layout a bit (once again :D) and added a contact form. Links have also been updated… I especially recommend the Hungarian RH site which isn’t updated anymore but displays the cover art by Csaba Csaba Zsilvölgyi aka Max.


Quotes in a searchable database

10 Aug, 2005 filed under: Site updates

I’ve installed a script to manage the evergrowing number of book quotes. Instead of trying to catch them all from the random bits everywhere, you can now browse them by character or book. You can even search the database for your favourites and send in your suggestion for new ones or correct possible errors. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I do! :)


Funny links for your free time

10 Aug, 2005 filed under: Internet

Have you just finished Shaman’s Crossing and don’t know what to do next? Or maybe you’re still waiting for your copy and getting quite bored? Here are some links that might bring back some good memories from the past and sharpen your Hobb-knowledge. :p

Which Liveship character are you? (a quizilla test)

8 different trivia quizzes about the Farseer and Liveship traders trilogies.


Dutch Homecoming cover art

10 Aug, 2005 filed under: Robin Hobb, the Netherlands

The cover art for the Dutch translation of Hobb’s novel Homecoming (De Thuiskomst) has been published at John Howe’s website.
View the cover art.

Edited to add: the painting is actually a recycled one, it was first published in A Diversity of Dragons. Original art: Eye of the Blue Dragon.


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