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Cover art and summary for Forest Mage

24 Apr, 2006 filed under: Robin Hobb

SerpentBlanc from Les Rivages Maudits also notified us that Voyager has put up a brief summary (slight spoilers!) and picture of the front cover for the next book by Robin Hobb, Forest Mage. The UK publication date is currently set to 3rd of July.

See for yourself!


The Gypsy in France

24 Apr, 2006 filed under: Megan Lindholm, France

SerpentBlanc from Les Rivages Maudits sent in an email telling that the French version of The Gypsy by Megan Lindholm and Steven Brust is now available, and is called La nuit du prédateur.


Liveship Traders trilogy fanlisting

23 Apr, 2006 filed under: Site updates

Now that the door is open, I don’t know how to keep the fanlistings monster within bounds. ;) The brand new listed fl for the Liveship Traders trilogy is now open and waiting for you to join.

>> extraordinary coincidences—the Liveship Traders trilogy fanlisting


New Robin Hobb contest!

19 Apr, 2006 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK, Internet

Patrick has posted information about a new Robin Hobb contest at his blog. You have the chance to win a signed UK first edition hardback copy of Shaman’s Crossing as well as signed bookplates of Forest Mage! Read the rules and participate.


Hobblings London meeting TOMORROW!

7 Apr, 2006 filed under: England/UK, Internet

I’ve been so busy working backstage with the wiki that this had totally slipped past my eyes—sorry! There’s a Hobblings meet tomorrow, 8th of April in London, UK. Read about the details in this thread at Willem’s board. Remember, I will gladly post announcements of any Hobb-related meetings, anywhere in the world, just drop me a line! :)


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