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Robin at the Conestoga Con this weekend

22 Apr, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

Robin Hobb is the Guest of Honor at Conestoga 13, the science fiction and fantasy convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma from April 24th to 26th 2009. Robin will be attending panels, interviews, signings, readings and a gala dinner. If you’re going there too, please consider sending us some photos or a small report on the happenings!

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Another chance to win a copy of A Fantasy Medley

11 Apr, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, US, Internet

Kelley Armstrong, one the the authors of the anthology, is giving out a free copy of the limited edition of A Fantasy Medley. The contest only runs until 14th of April so if you want to try your luck, enter soon! The contest is open to everyone.

Based on some brief comments at Robin’s nerwsgroup, it appears that the first shipped copies have started to arrive.

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Dragon Keeper titles settled

2 Apr, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Australia, England/UK, US

The two volumes of the upcoming story that has been called only “Dragon Keeper” so far are titled The Rain Wild Chronicles—Dragon Keeper and The Rain Wild Chronicles—Dragon Haven. The first volume is set to be published 25th of June 2009 in UK and Australia and in January 2010 in the US. The second volume will be out everywhere in April or May of 2010.
Source: Robin’s newsgroup

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A Fantasy Medley giveaway

1 Apr, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is running an amazing giveaway where you can win a signed copy of the limited edition of A Fantasy Medley. Visit the site for details.

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Only a few copies of Medley left

1 Apr, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

Subterranean Press says there’s only 75 copies of A Fantasy Medley left and that’s the trade edition, the limited edition has sold out. For those of us anxiously awaiting our copies, there’s a shipping update at the Subterranean site.
This is the anthology that contains Robin’s short story Words Like Coins that is set in the Six Duchies. It’s a hardcover book edited by Yanni Kuznia with stories also by Kate Elliott, Kelley Armstrong and C. E. Murphy. This was a 3000 copies print (+ 200 of the signed limited edition). Medley already got a starred review from Publishers Weekly.
Order the book from Subterranean.

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