Documentary about fantasy genre's roots features Robin Hobb

An interview with Robin Hobb is featured on a French documentary about the origins of the fantasy genre titled Aux sources de la fantasy. This is a four part series, and the second episode concerning William Morris includes Robin Hobb being interviewed by John Howe at her place.

This second part of the documentary airs this Sunday the 11th of December 2022 on ARTE. This is a European public service channel available in many European countries via cable or satellite, and included in many satellite packages elsewhere in the world, so check your local listings and times. The announced time seems to be either 8:25 or 9:30 in the morning - might depend on your location!

If you are in France or Germany, you can access the whole documentary series via ARTE's streaming service (currently 2 out of the 4 episodes are available).

You can also visit series writer Alexis Metzinger's twitter for some behind-the-scenes photos.