Documentary about fantasy genre's roots features Robin Hobb

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An interview with Robin Hobb is featured on a French documentary about the origins of the fantasy genre titled Aux sources de la fantasy. This is a four part series, and the second episode concerning William Morris includes Robin Hobb being interviewed by John Howe at her place.

This second part of the documentary airs this Sunday the 11th of December 2022 on ARTE. This is a European public service channel available in many European countries via cable or satellite, and included in many satellite packages elsewhere in the world, so check your local listings and times. The announced time seems to be either 8:25 or 9:30 in the morning - might depend on your location!

If you are in France or Germany, you can access the whole documentary series via ARTE's streaming service (currently 2 out of the 4 episodes are available).

You can also visit series writer Alexis Metzinger's twitter for some behind-the-scenes photos.

Robin Hobb AA comic signing

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Robin Hobb will be signing copies of the brand new first issue of the Assassin's Apprentice comic at Action City Comics & Toys on December 17 at 11 am. The address is 2016 S 320th St Suite M, Federal Way, WA 98003

In-store signing Robin Hobb & Shawn Speakman, images of the AA comic cover, Robin Hobb's photo, Saturday December 17th 11 AM, Action City Comics & Toys 2016 S 320th St Suite M, Federal Way, WA 98003, Call to pre-order: (253) 529-9710

An interview with Robin Hobb and Jody Houser →

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There's a new interview with Robin Hobb and Jody Houser (who adapted the story) about the upcoming Assassin's Apprentice comic series. Included is a two page preview so hop over to ARC Worlds to read it!

All the available information about this adaptation so far is at the wiki and remember you can already preorder the first issue through your local comics shop anywhere in the world! For signed copies, head over to Signed Page.

Assassin's Apprentice comic news

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More details about the upcoming comic adaptation of the Farseer trilogy by Dark Horse comics are here!

The issues seem to be set to appear monthly: #1 on the 14th of December, #2 on the 11th of January and #3 in February.
Each issue is full colour, and has 32 pages. The announced 6 issues will cover the first book of the Farseer trilogy with the title Assassin's Apprentice, with more to follow later. It's expected that there might be a volume published at some point that collects all the issues but this is so far unconfirmed.

Here is the cover art for #2, the art is by Anna Steinbauer. Cover art for the second issue of the Assassin's Apprentice comic featuring young Fitz with a dog. Art by Anna Steinbauer.

The first two issues are available for preorder now through your local comics shop. The product is not restricted so there should be no issues with international orders. If you'd like to have signed copy, head over to Signed Page - you can preorder copies of the first issue with a signature from Robin or if you're willing to wait until February, a bundle of signed copies of the first three issues.

The wiki has a dedicated page for this adaptation where you can find all the available details as more issues are released.

No Dragonsteel con appearance this year

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Robin Hobb will unfortunately not be at the Dragonsteel con in Utah from November 14th to 15th like previously announced. You can read an update about it at her website.

Online con this weekend, library appearance in October

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Two more events added to Robin's autumn 2022 schedule!

Robin is part of the lineup for the online event Fantasy Fellowship Convention 2022. This online con takes place over the weekend of the 24th and the 25th of September. Robin is featured on Sunday's schedule. For more information and tickets, visit Fantasy Fellowship Con 2022.

Robin also tweeted about an event called "Thomas Olde Heuvelt in conversation with Robin Hobb" which will take place at the Seattle Centre Library on October the 17th at 7pm. This event is organised by the Seattle Public Library Foundation and University Bookstore, more details here.

Assassin's Apprentice comic announced

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There will be a new comic book adaptation of the Farseer trilogy, and this time it will be published in English! Long time readers might remember that there was a French graphic novel adaptation that was published between 2008-2016. It covered the whole trilogy in 10 volumes and even got a Dutch translation.

This time, Dark Horse Comics has announced a six volume adaptation. The first volume, Assassin's Apprentice #1, is set to be published on the 14th of December 2022. It is co-written by Jody Houser and the rest of the creative team includes artist Ryan Kelly, colourist Jordie Bellaire and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Cover art for the first part is by Anna Steinbauer.

Cover for the #1 Assassin's Apprentice by Dark Horse Comics with cover art by Anna Steinbauer

The first part is available for preorders from comic shops and retails at $3.99.

Robin Hobb's con schedule for the rest of 2022

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Robin Hobb is appearing at conventions again. She's just been to the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, and here are her next appearances: