New Liveship Traders special edition forthcoming

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In 2016, Subterranean Press published what was back then the only complete US hardback edition of the Farseer trilogy. Because it was limited in numbers and had gorgeous new dust jacket art by John Howe, it quickly became a coveted collector's item and to this day remains one of the priciest and most challenging to obtain editions among Robin Hobb's works.

In the recent years, there have been rumours about a continuation in the form of the Liveship Traders trilogy. This now seems to be very close to happening, as a brand new painting by John Howe for Ship of Magic was posted at a closed fb group. It was then reposted on Petrik Leo's youtube channel. (Timestamp 9:09). Since the cat seems to have been out of the bag for a good while already without being taken down, I'm sharing the art below. There are no confirmed publication details yet, but I'll be sure to post them as soon as they're publicised.

Painting of a sailing ship with a nude female figurehead, surrounded by many sea serpents with their heads far above the surface of the sea. Artist is John Howe.