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You may have noticed a lack of updates even though there hasn't been a lack of news to post about. This is partly due to one of the site scripts slowly getting more and more obsolete. It turned out to be impossible to replace it with a similar setup, so I've had to make some compromises and restructure some areas of the site. These things happen when you build on top of old things like the Buckkeep castle, and has just turned 18!

Things will unfortunately look disorderly for a bit until I get the change to unify the layouts of all the different sections of the website, but for now it's functionality over form. The biggest change is the location of this news feed, which means the RSS feed also has a new address (all the old news will be kept in an archive, so those links will keep working). You can also follow on social media, including on twitter, instagram, tumblr and pinterest (the RSS feed is also set up to post to facebook).

A series of round-up news posts about recent book releases will be posted soon.