What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is simply a list of fans of certain subject, in this case an author. The first fanlisting was started to find out how many Buffy fans there were in the Internet, and the phenomenon has since grown very popular. Fanlisting are listed at and monitored by a community called theFanlistings.org.

Fanlistings are open for everyone to join and are different from web rings or cliques because you do not have to have a site to join.
The required information is your first name or nick and your country as well as a working email address to ensure that people are not joining multiple times. You can also have your website listed alongside your other information, but in that case it is a common courtesy to link back to the fanlisting too.

This is the very first fanlisting I've made and it has been online since the April Fool's Day 2003. You can visit the other fanlistings I run at a bunch of fans.

Fanlistings are not fanclubs. They are free and you do not "gain" anything by joining. Both joining and building fanlistings are very addictive hobbies and quite difficult to explain to anyone who asks "what's the point of it"? :D

Please note that this fanlisting is NOT affiliated in any way with Robin Hobb herself. It is run by a fan, not the author herself. Please visit her official site to contact her instead of sending emails to me. Thank you.

Now, if you love Robin Hobb's books, add your name to the list. Thank you. :) If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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