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Amber is the guise under which The Fool operated in Bingtown during the events of the Liveship Traders trilogy. Surprisingly, this guise chosen by The Fool is female, thus raising doubts over The Fool's gender.

Amber buys a shop in Bingtown, on Rain Wild Street, selling intriguing wood jewellery she carved herself.

Amber was instrumental in the raising of the Liveship Paragon, as well as helping Althea Vestrit out when she first ran away from her home. Amber was looking for a nine-fingered slaveboy who looked like Althea, but couldn't find him. This was Wintrow Vestrit, Althea's nephew.

Paragon eventually convinces Amber to restore his damaged face, as well as his body, after he sails. She gives him the visage, torso and body of Fitz, down to his broken nose and his scar, feeding Paragon his own wizardwood as she carves it away. She lets Jek and Althea learn that this is the face of her one true love.

Amber does partly achieve in her mission: the dragon Tintaglia is awakened. Tintaglia and She Who Remembers guide the sea serpents to cocooning place, but the newborn dragons are weak and can't manage on their own.

The Fool drops this guise in favor of Lord Golden when he returns to the Six Duchies during the events of the Tawny Man trilogy. However, he steps into the guise of Amber again when Jek pays a visit (also causing much surprise from Jek when she meets Fitz in person and recognizes him from Paragon's figurehead). The transformation back and forth from male to female is so complete it raises more questions concerning The Fool.

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