Lord Golden

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Lord Golden is one of The Fools' three known guises. The Fool hid as Lord Golden during the time he was browning, and also so that he could wander around Buckkeep without being regarded upon as more than another Lord rather than the late King Shrewds jester.

Lord Golden helped the crown in the first parts of the Piebald Rebellion.

Already famous for his seemingly bottomless wealth, Lord Golden became a favourite at court after an incident took place involving Lord Civil, spawning rumours about his sexuality that in turn caused many to question his relationship with his manservant Tom Badgerlock, including Starling Birdsong who had no idea about his true identity. The Fool removed Lord Golden by frittering away all of his wealth on friends & parties and had him having to flee from people he was indebted to.

He takes exceedingly good care of his clothes, and in the choosing of them, wearing only the best of silks and the most exotic of materials in keeping with his rather mysterious origins. He appears to be in his early twenties.

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