A Wit bond is when two beings, a person and an animal, join together. In the Old Blood community there are rules that wit-partners not bond to closely. This is because in some circumstances the two are so tightly messed that when one dies the soul does not leave, but instead stays with the other. They almost become one soul. This is strictly forbidden and anyone who does such is banished from the communtiy. Bonds are supossed to be formed between two equals. Never are bonds allowed in children as it can cause the child to become less than human. The same is true for young animals. Also one of the parteners can also be dominate in the relationship to the detriment of both, usually the dominant is the human but there are cases known of dominant animals. The Piebalds often used there animals in such a way and were shund from the Old Blood communtiy because of it. There are much folklore and stories told by the Old Bloods that warn of the dangers.