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The 35th anniversary illustrated trade hardcover edition of Wizard of the Pigeons, art by Tommy Arnold.
2020 UK paperback edition of Wizard of the Pigeons, art by Jackie Morris.

Wizard of the Pigeons is a story set in the modern day Seattle, originally published in 1986. It won the Imaginales prize for best fantasy novel of the year in 2004 after it had been translated to French.[1]


To Mike and the lady in the big straw hat,
from all the girls at Elsie's House of Joy, but
especially from Esmeralda Squarmish.

The above dedication is in the 1987 UK Corgi edition bot not in the subsequent Voyager editions.


  • An excerpt only in The Fantasy Sampler, an unpaginated galley edited by Susan Allison from Berkley/Ace in October 1985, free to members of the 1985 World Fantasy Convention. Content from Steven Brust, Megan Lindholm, Ru Emerson, Gregory Frost, Craig Shaw Gardner, Clive Barker with excerpts from Brokedown Palace, Wizard of the Pigeons, The Princess of Flames, Tain, A Malady of Magicks, Clive Barker's Books of Blood Volume One.
  • A hardcover edition in 1994 from Hypatia Press. This was a limited signed and numbered edition of 800 copies with ISBN 9780940841321 and with an introduction by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and an illustration by Leslie Newcomer. See talk page for more information about this edition. Three versions of this edition exist:
    • 750 copies light grey, signed, original price $25 or with the signed chapbook of Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man and a slipcase $40.
    • 50 "deluxe" copies, dark grey, leather bound, signed and roman numbered, slipcased together with a hardcover edition of "Silver Lady and The Fortyish Man", original price $100.
    • 50 copies, blue, leather bound, not signed, no limitation page, officially not for sale.
  • Included in a hardcover Book Club Edition published in 2003 from Book Club Associates called Otherworks which contains 3 novels: Fevre Dream by G.R.R. Martin, Faerie Tale by Raymond E. Feist and Wizard of the Pigeons.
  • A UK paperback edition the 5th of August 2002 from Voyager with ISBN 0007112564. Covers by Paul Gregory. Possibly reprinted in October 2010.
  • An ebook edition from Voyager the 1st of September 2011 with ASIN B005JE1KAQ.
  • An illustrated 35th anniversary edition [2] from GrimOak Press the 1st of December 2020 with 5 full-color interior illustrations and dustjacket art by Tommy Arnold. 5% of the profits are donated by the publisher to the National Veterans Foundation. The book was published in the following formats:
    • An ARC, with at least 10 signed copies given away by the publisher
    • Lettered Edition: 52 double-signed & lettered copies, comes with a ribbon and a handmade clamshell casing, no dustjacket. Original price $400. ISBN 9781944145620.
    • Limited Edition: 500 double-signed & numbered copies, comes with a ribbon and a dustjacket, slipcase ($35) sold separately by the publisher. Original price $125. ISBN 9781944145613.
    • Trade Hardcover ISBN 9781944145590 (signed copies available through The Signed Page)
    • Ebook



  • A French translation Le dernier magicien in November 2003 by Mnemos with ISBN 9782915159110, translated by Sylvie Denis. This translation won the Imaginales prize for the best fantasy novel of the year in June 2004. Reprinted in a paperback by Mnemos in April 2007 with ISBN 9782354080051 and again by Pocket in August 2007 with ISBN 9782266151795. Cover art for these editions is by Guillaume Sorel. A reprint from Mnémos the 24th of March 2011 with ISBN 9782354081089. Also published as a Kindle edition from Mnémos the 19th of June 2014 with ASIN: B00L3OZ8UY. Cover art by Eduardo Peña. Another edition from Mnémos in June 2020 with ISBN 9782354087777 and new cover art.
  • A Hebrew translation קוסם היונים in 2005 by Opus Publishing with the original US cover art.

International covers


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