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Lady Desire, later Queen Desire, was the second wife of King Shrewd and mother of Prince Regal. She also has an illegitimate son Galen. She was in line to be the Duchess of Farrow until she married the King, but due to a law in the Six Duchies that declares when one member of the nobility marries another, the one with a lesser title must give up their land for one cannot fully steward two duchies, she had to give up her right to that title.

Towards the end of her life, Desire started to make claims that she would have held more power as the Duchess of Farrow than as the Queen, and that her heritage contained more Farseer blood then that of Constance, Shrewd's previous wife, so her son had a better claim to the throne than Chivalry or Verity simply being born first, though this argument never had any sway on Shrewd. These claims were often brought on by Desire's use of various drugs such as merrybud and carryme. It was said that as soon as Shrewd persuaded her off one, she took to another. She was sometimes mockingly called the Inland Queen because she claimed she had the political power to unite Farrow and Tilth into a new kingdom. Although most people dismissed these notions, she was responsible for nurturing the rift between the Inland and the Coastal Duchies that deepened during the Red Ship War over taxes for defence. Desire herself was dead by the time the raider-forgings started.