Myth and Magic

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The front cover of Myth & Magic, art by John Howe.
The Myth & Magic poster collection featuring the cover for Ship of Destiny.

Myth and Magic is the title of a book and a poster collection by John Howe. The book contains among numerous other things an article Images from Over the Horizon by Robin Hobb, as well as several pages of Howe's illustrations for Hobb's stories. One of the posters in the collection is the original UK cover art for Ship of Destiny (also featured on the cover of the package). The book and the poster collection are usually sold separately.


  • Book: ISBN 0007107951
  • Poster collection: ISBN 0007123329 - although the ISBN details seem to be the same, the US version has the Ship of Magic art as the cover for the collection, while the UK version has Tolkien's Argonath.
  • There was also a wallcalendar for year 2007 with ISBN 140300921X that contained illustrations from the book - alas, none of the Hobb ones.