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Puppy of Vixen, and the first animal Fitz had a strong Wit-bond with. His coat was red, slick and short but bristly. He had green eyes like copper ore, nose the colour of cooked liver and mouth and tongue mottled pink and black.

Nosy was born in Buckkeep, in a hollow under an outbuilding where peas and beans were stored. It was a place chosen and scraped out by Vixen, far from the inner keep and it took three days for Burrich to find it. Nosy, Vixen and several other dogs traveled along with Burrich when he followed Chivalry to Moonseye and it was there that Nosy and Fitz met and became friends. Their tie only strengthened when they returned to Buckkeep and they had many adventures together and with the children of Buckkeep town. Eventually Burrich found out that Fitz was using the Wit to communicate with animals and with Nosy especially, and horrified of Fitz "tainting" the royal blood, took Nosy away.

Fitz thought Burrich had killed the puppy, but Nosy was actually sent to the Mountain Kingdom where he became the beloved companion of Rurisk and improved the bloodlines of his dogs. Fitz and Nosy met again when Nosy was already a very old dog, and eventually Nosy died after saving Fitz's life from Regal's first attempt to kill him.