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Ophelia was a liveship owned by the Tenira family. Captained by Tomie Tenira. One of the few liveships that claims not to have dragon memories, probably because the creature had died before the Rain Wild Traders cut the cocoon and used it as planks for the ship.

She was one of the first liveships to be built. Like all ships of her age she is larger than the more recently built ships. Her figurehead is located on the beakhead, not below the bowsprit, like the Vivacia or Paragon. A catwalk was built around the figurehead for her to socialize with the crew easier. An oversized dice box was created for her to gamble with her crew. Because she has no money of her own she gambles with secrets and information. She is bareshouldered and has red lips. She a busybody and a gossip, and is known for telling people exactly what she thinks. She is very proud and loyal to the Tenira family as well as to Bingtown.

After her hands were burned and stained with tar from a Chalcedean ship, Amber recarved her hands to fix them. The pieces of wizardwood that were left over from the carving were made into a bracelet for her to wear. The smaller unusable pieces Ophelia swallowed so none of her wizardwood was lost.