White Ship

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Several "White Ships" were used by Outislanders during the Red Ship War, though these were usually kept far away from the coasts and only rarely glimpsed by the folks of the Six Duchies. At least two such ships were sunken by the end of the war, and only one was driven ashore. In her hold were found great blocks of black stone - it seems the Outislanders had tried to create stone-dragons of their own.

A spy report to Chade said that at the end of the war, Kebal Rawbread and the Pale Woman set sail and allegedly perished in "the last White Ship". It is also said that ship was loaded with the dragonstone as the Outislanders call it. This report is later proven at least partially false, as Kebal and the Pale Woman both survived the war.

Young Fitz saw a White Ship during one of his sea battles, and it the seemed to be what the Outislanders among the soldiers called Korrikska. It was not a raiding vessel such as the Red Ships, but at least three times their size and with two sails. It seemed to be manned by Forged people. A man with a dark curly beard and a grey cloak was among those on the deck.