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Chade by John Howe

Chade Fallstar is the illegitimate, elder half-brother of King Shrewd. His mother was a soldier before she got pregnant by King Bounty. Little is known of his childhood, but he was born near Woolcot and hated his stepfather, a potter, who used to beat him. When Chade's mother died, his stepfather told him to go to his father.

When Fitz first encounters Chade, he is acting as the assassin, spy and adviser to King Shrewd, and he becomes the tutor and mentor for Fitz. He is a shadowy figure who lives in the labyrinth between the walls of Buckkeep; only a small number of people even know he exists, and his true identity as a royal bastard is an even bigger secret.

Chade's face was scarred in an accident when he was young, and his appearance resembles that of the Pocked Man of old stories, though these scars have lessened considerably in his later years. He has green eyes and snowy hair, and is bearded when Fitz first encounters him. During Fitz's apprenticeship years Chade kept a pet weasel, by the name of Slink. When he did venture out of his hiding, it was usually under the disguise of Lady Thyme, an ostentatiously irritable, elderly noblewoman.

During Queen Kettricken's reign, Chade acts openly as her adviser and is quite popular among the ladies of the court. As long suspected by Fitz, he has some of the lesser magics such as scrying in water. He also has some aptitude for the Skill, although it has been damaged by his long use of elfbark as a stimulant, and after an agonized struggle to master it, he becomes part of Dutiful's coterie.

Chade's pets

Around the time FItz starts learning his trade, Chade has a pet weasel called Slink. For some time after Regal's mysterious death he is often seen with a pet ferret who is mostly likely actually Little Ferret. When Tom Badgerlock comes to Buckkeep, Chade's animal companion is a young brown ferret called Gilly.

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