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The original UK cover of The Golden Fool, art by John Howe.
The original US cover of Golden Fool, art by Stephen Youll.
UK paperback reprint of The Golden Fool, art by Jackie Morris.
The originalUK 2014 paperback reprint of The Golden Fool, art by Jackie Morris.

The Golden Fool is the second book in the Tawny Man trilogy. Note there is a difference in the spelling of title in the US ("Golden Fool") and the UK ("The Golden Fool").

The Golden Fool is a continuation of the story that begun in Fool's Errand and it is followed by Fool's Fate.


Errors in the first UK editions

  • There was an error in the initial printing of the first UK hardback and ANZ editions: the whole chapter 16 "Fathers" was missing. This resulted in recalling all stock and pulping it and moving the publication date from 7th to 21st of October 2002. Some early unofficial sales had likely already taken place, but the publisher promised to replace any erroneous purchased copies. The ISBN was 0002247275? and there were only 599 pages. The corrected version with chapt 16 has ISBN 0007160380, also shown on the new printed dust jacket, and 632 pages.
  • It's been reported that on the corrected UK hardcover version, the following bit:

"...A tiny blue bird alighted in a branch over her head and sat fanning its delicate wings.
I asked her curiously.
Her hands closed around the treasure she clasped."

is different from the US hardcover pages 510-511:

"... A tiny blue bird alighted in a branch over her head and sat fanning its delicate wings.
What do you have there? I asked her curiously.
Whatever I have, it is mine. Just as your secrets are yours.
Her hands closed around the treasure she clasped. She pressed it to her chest, concealing it within her heart. Had she fallen in love, then?"

  • A UK hardcoved edition (corrected version with chapt 16) with ISBN 0007160380, also shown on the new printed dust jacket. 632 pages. Cover art by John Howe.
    • A page proof from HarperCollins the 12th of June 2002, HarperCollins. Already missing chapter 16. 599 pages instead of the 632.
    • A book club hardcover edition in November 2002. Initially the book club version contained the missing chapter error as well. Book Number CN 108349 (not sure whether it was changed for the corrected printing).
  • An Australia/New Zealand trade paperback edition from Voyager in October 2002 with ISBN 000711057X (possibly an edition missing the chapt 16?)
  • A UK trade paperback edition from Voyager the 20th of October 2003 with ISBN 0006486029.
  • A US hardcover edition from Bantam Spectra in December 2002 with ISBN 0553801511. Original price $24,95. Cover art by Stephen Youll.
    • Advance Reading Copy from Bantam Spectra in July 2002.
  • A US paperback edition from Spectra in December 2003 with ISBN 0553582453.
  • An ebook edition from Spectra in January 2003 with ISBN 0553897209.
  • A UK audio book edition from HarperCollins the 28th of February 2013 with ASIN B00BMT79UC. Length 25 hours and 10 minutes, read by Nick Taylor.
  • A US audio book edition from BrillianceAudio the 29th of July 2014 with ISBN 9781491512913. Length 27 hours, read by James Langton.


For the covers of these translations, see The Golden Fool cover gallery.

  • A Bulgarian translation Лорд Златен from Bard Publishing House in 2009, paperback with ISBN 9545859939. Translator Венцислав Божилов.
  • A Chinese translation
  • A Dutch translation De Gouden Nar in August 2002 from De Boekerij/Meulenhoff with ISBN 9022532631, hardback, cover by John Howe, translated by Peter Cuijpers.
  • A Finnish translation Narrin palvelija from Otava in 2005, hardcover with ISBN 9511198289.
  • A French split translation from Pygmalion translated by A. Mousnier-Lompré
    • Les secrets de Castelcerf the 30th of October 2003 with ISBN 2857048386
    • Serments et Deuils
  • A German translation Der goldene Narr from Bastei-Lübbe in 2006, paperback with ISBN 9783404205509.
  • A Greek translation Η επιστροφή του εκτελεστή from Anubis in 2007, paperback with ISBN 139789603066019. Translator Ειρήνη Παϊδούση.
  • A Hebrew translation הליצן המוזהב in 2007
  • An Italian translation La furia dell'assassino from Fanucci the 1st of January 2008, hardcover with ISBN 9788834713860. Translator Paola Bruna Cartoceti.
  • A Japanese translation 仮面の貴族 in three parts from 東京創元社 the 11th of April 2012 with part 1 ISBN 9784488562106, part 2 ISBN 9784488562113 and part 3 ISBN 9784488562120. Cover illustration by Yasushi Suzuki. Re-released in ebook format the 24th of October 2015.
  • A Polish translation Złocisty błazen from MAG in 2004 with ISBN 8389004747.
  • A Russian translation Золотой шут from Эксмо in 2008 with ISBN 139785699272877. Translator Ирина Оганесова
  • A Swedish translation Narrens hemlighet from Natur och Kultur, hardcover with ISBN 9127097463. Translator Lena Karlin, cover art by John Howe.

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