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Homecoming is a short story set in the Rain Wilds during the time when the first settlers arrived there from Jamaillia. It contains a series of diary entries by Lady Carillion Carrock. It is a prequel to the the Liveship Traders trilogy but isn't required reading before starting the trilogy.


  • First published in hardcover in the Legends 2 anthology in the UK in 2003 and its various editions in the UK and US in 2004 (hardcover and paperback).
  • Reprinted in The Inheritance in 2011.
  • Reprinted in paperback Epic: Legends of Fantasy in November 2012.



  • A Bulgarian translation in Епично: Легенди на фентъзито from Артлайн Студиос the 26th of November 2014 in hardcover, ISBN 9789542908982
  • A Chinese translation〈回家〉 羅蘋.荷布 in 英雄之心 from 奇幻基地出版 the 3rd of November 2015 in paperback, ISBN 9789869218320
  • A Dutch translation De thuiskomst : het rijk van de ouderlingen, translated by Erica Feberwee, published in the anthology Mythen from Luitingh in 2004.
    • reprinted as a standalone edition in hardcover by Luitingh in 2005 with ISBN 9024553482, cover art by John Howe. Reprinted in 2007 with the same cover art modified with ISBN 9789021006192 by Poema.
  • A Dutch translation (title?) published in 2012 in De verhalen.
  • A French translation Retour au pays, translated by Veronique David-Marescot, first published in the anthology Légendes de la fantasy II by Pygmalion in 2006 with ISBN 9782756400235, it was republished by J'ai lu in 2008 with ISBN 9782290002957.
  • A German translation Heimkehr in Legenden - Lord John, der magische Pakt: und andere Abenteuer by Piper in March 2006 with ISBN 9783492700948 and by Piper in June 2006 with a slightly altered cover with ISBN 9783492266161.
  • A Greek translation in Θρύλοι, B' Τόμος published in 2006. The original Legends 2 was split into 4 parts, and this is the 2nd volume of the series with ISBN 9603065323.
  • A Japanese translation in 伝説は永遠に―ファンタジイの殿堂〈2〉. Published by 早川書房 in November 2000 with ISBN 9784150202811.
  • Polish translation Kraina Najstarszych: Powrót do domu in Legendy II by Dom Wydawniczy Rebis in 2004
    • reprinted in Epopeja Legendy fantasy from Dom Wydawniczy REBIS the 17th of March 2015 in hardcover, ISBN 9788378185437
  • A Romanian translation Drumul spre casa in Epic Legende fantasy from Editura Trei in May 2014 in paperback, ISBN 9789737078827
  • A Russian translation Возвращение домой in "Легенды II" published by АСТ in 2006. Hardcover with ISBN 5170344694.
  • A Spanish translation Regreso al hogar in Leyendas from La Factoría de Ideas in 2006 with ISBN 9788498002515. Translated by Jesús María Abascal Pérez.
    • Reprinted in an abridged edition La espada leal y otras novelas from La Factoría De Ideas the 16th of November 2012, paperback with ISBN 9788490181485.

International covers


  • the Short Story Award of the French fantasy festival Imaginales, 2006

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