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Blue Boots is a Robin Hobb story in the anthology Songs of Love and Death. It was reprinted in the ebook Songs of Love Lost and Found.

The story takes place in and near the Timberrock Keep in Buck Duchy around the time of Assassin's Apprentice / Royal Assassin. [1].

It is told from the point of view of Timbal, a recently orphaned kitchen girl whose only treasure in the world are the blue boots her father bought her shortly before his death. She falls in love with the minstrel Azen who is staying in the Keep to entertain and serve Lord Just and Lady Lucent.

Cast of characters

  • Timbal, a tinker's daughter
  • Azen, a minstrel
  • Lady Lucent of Timberrock Keep
  • Lord Just of Timberrock Keep
  • The Cook (male)
  • Gissel, an innkeeper's daughter
  • Gretcha, a housemaid at Timberrock Keep
  • Saria, apprentice minstrel
  • Chrissock, lord Just's resident minstrel
  • Lord Spindrift, lord Just's cousin
  • Lowl, a field hand from Timberrock Keep
  • Seck, Gissel's cousin who lives in Smithfield
  • Missa, a farrier's daughter, Seck's sweetheart


  • first published in a US hardcover edition and an ebook edition of Songs of Love and Death by Gallery the 16th of November 2010, reprinted in a paperback edition the 25th of October 2011. Cover art by Tony Mauro. Reprinted in paperback and ebook formats in 2020. Also available as an audiobook.
  • republished in an ebook titled Songs of Love Lost and Found by Pocket Star the 20th of November 20, 2012 with ASIN: B0088P0JJQ.



  • A Turkish translation "Mavi Botlar" in Aşk ve Ölüm Şarkıları from Epsilon Yayınevi in January 2017, a paperback with ISBN 9786051732428.


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