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Original illustration for the story "Cut" from Asimov's website by artist Laurie Harden.

Cut is a short story that first appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in May 2001. It was nominated for the Best Short Story Nebula in 2002.

The story deals with the question "who owns the body?" and is set in the undefined future. The protagonist is an older woman whose granddaughter Patsy is fascinated by body modifications and plans to have the ultimate "Cut" done.




  • A Dutch translation (title?) published in 2012 in De verhalen.
  • French translation Coupée in the Magazine Galaxies #42 in 2007
  • French translation Coupure in L’Héritage et autres nouvelles first published in 2012, reprinted in 2013.

International covers


This story is included in The Inheritance anthology.

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