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Lord Bright is a cousin of Regal from mother's side and heir to the duchy of Farrow.

While visiting Buckkeep during King Shrewd's reign, he lived at least in one occasion in a chamber that adjoined Chade's tower room. He was a light sleeper, and complained about "rats in the walls".

Later, he was appointed as castellan for Buckkeep and all of Buck's coast when Regal the Pretender moved to Tradeford soon after his coronation. After the Red Ship War and in the beginning of Queen Kettricken's reign he was on shaky ground because of bad performance in doing his job, and because he had not inherited Regal's influence with the nobles. Kettricken distributed most of Regal's old holdings to nobles in order to smooth the mutterings about her having something to do with Regal's surprising death. She placed lady Patience at Tradeford to manage Bright's holdings for him, and arranged that Bright himself was schooled in other things besides wine and dress. Lord Bright was also introduced to several suitable noble ladies that Chade had selected, but he chose his bride among them on his own. He is about forty years old at the time of Prince Dutiful's betrothal which he attends together with his wife, who is half of his years and described as young and slender.