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Patience is a Lady known for her eccentricity, the daughter of Lady Averia and Lord Oakdell, and was escalated to fame by marrying the current King-in-Waiting Chivalry.


Patience was known for her strangeness even as a child, refuses to learn more womanly crafts in favour of the often more obscure subjects she wanted to know. She also had a small romance with Burrich, although it did not last, Burrich thinking her too good for him and his loyalty to Chivalry that kept him from leaving his duties. She had a dog, named Featherduster.

When her parents visited Buckkeep, queen Constance noticed that Patience didn't enjoy the life in court and took her to the Queen's garden, where they could be together without being disturbed and take care of the plants.


The marriage of Chivalry and Patience was scorned because of the match gained nothing for the Farseer's - Patience's family was amiable with the throne and already had good trade links with them.

Later on, the marriage was dissaproved of because of the couple's inabilty to conceive a child, which was later proved to be caused by Patience's infertility when Fitz was born.

Weither out of jealousy or anger of her husbands betrayal, Patience persuaded her husband to step down from his position as King-In-Waiting and retire to Withywoods. The two lived here in relative peace and quiet, with Chivalry learning the ways of the land, until his death from what was publically called a riding accident.


After Chivalry's death, Patience moved to Buckkeep Castle along with her maid and closest friend Lacey, to oversee the upbringing of Fitz and to protect him. He studied various subjects with her, from musical instruments to the knowledge of plants, through he learnt more from what she said and did in passing then the inconsistent lessons she taught.

Her horse was called Silk and it was trained by Burrich. She also had a terrier, Snowflake, which was the mother of Smithy. Patience gave the puppy to Fitz.

Patience was not well received at court, for her outlandish behaviour and her knack for talking bluntly about subjects that would otherwise be skirted around. She made few friends amongst the ladies while King Shrewd was on the throne, for her interests were more directed towards interesting plant life and botany then dresses and courting, however this changed when Kettricken came to court and rejuvenated the Queen's Garden.

She was one of the few that were left behind at Buckkeep castle when Regal moved to Tradeford, but turned the situation around to her favour, and where Regal ignored the needs of the Six Duchies, Patience gave all she could so that the Red Ship Raiders might be repelled, knowing that if Buckkeep fell, so would the Six Duchies.

When rumours came about that Verity was still alive, Patience was one of the few that supported and encouraged it, declaring Regal's false claim to the throne.


After the Red Ship War and Queen Kettricken ascended her throne, Patience was given Tradeford to rule over and turned it from the centre of Regal's bloody rule to a place of peace and prosperity. The most noticable change she made was the transformation of the King's Circle into a beautiful garden.


At the end of Fool's Fate, Lacey passed away, leaving Patience alone. She decided then to move back to Withywood's (which she had given to Molly under the assumption that Chivalry would have wanted Burrich or his family to have it) with Fitz and his family, where she currently resides.