Queen's Garden

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The Queen's Garden is located at the top of one of Buckkeep's circular towers. The walls of the garden where high on the sides that faced the sea and low where they faced inland. The garden is usually filled with potted plants, rock basins and bird baths.

In the times before Queen Constance died, it was used as an area for the residing Queen and her ladies in waiting to relax and tend to the greenery that grew there.

While Queen Desire reigned, the garden fell into disarray and was rarely used. Galen chose this area to hold his Skill lessons.

When Queen Kettricken came to Buckkeep, the garden was returned to its former use but with a new mountain theme to it.

One of the advantages of the garden is that it is completely secure from the eyes and ears of any spys that may try to observe any happening that may go on in the garden.

Skill training

The garden was used for the training of Galen's Coterie. Fitz was made to suffer greatly by Galen whilst attempting to learn the Skill here.