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Molly is a girl from Buckkeep town. Fitz first meets her when he and Nosy venture out of Buckkeep on their own and meet a group of children. She is simply called Nosebleed at that time. She's outspoken and quick-witted, showing no fear of the bigger boys in the group. She worked in Beebalm Chandlery owned by her alcoholic father who beat her regularly (hence the name). Her mother had died soon after giving birth to her, but left her tablets describing various uses of herbs in candles. She is two years older than Fitz, dark haired, with a red hue in them.

Molly expected to inherit the chandlery after her father died, but he was in debt and the chandlery went to the debtors. She went to her cousins in Siltbay to work for the summer, but in the autumn Red Ship Raiders attacked and her cousin's family was left with nothing. Then Molly came to Buckkeep to search for Fitz, whom she thinks only as Newboy, a helper of the keep scribe. Fedwren guided her to Patience, who took her as her maid.

She became Fitz's lover, even if they both were counselled against that. When she got pregnant, she left Buckkeep, expecting Fitz to come for them.

Fitz sent Burrich to help her and his daughter. When Fitz was presumed dead, Molly and Burrich got married and Burrich raised Fitz's daughter as his own. They got six children together.

Molly had a cousin who was apprenticed out in Forge. She and the family were relieved to learn he had been killed in the raid instead of becoming forged.


  • Molly Nosebleed - the name given her by the children of Buckkeep Town
  • Molly Nosegay - the name by which she was referred to in writings left by her mother
  • Molly Chandler - the name she offers Fitz when they first meet as teenagers, presumably a reference to her livelihood
  • Molly Red-Skirts - a name by which Fitz refers to her, almost exclusively in dreams
  • Molly Chandler-Burrichswyve - as named by Queen Kettricken


  • Nettle - fathered by Fitz
  • Chivalry - fathered by Burrich
  • Nimble, also 'Nim' & Swift 'Witted' - twins fathered by Burrich
  • Steady - fathered by Burrich
  • Just - fathered by Burrich
  • Hearth - fathered by Burrich

The youngest son is little more than 6 years old when Burrich leaves for the Out Islands.