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Nettle is the daughter of Fitz and Molly.


Nettle was born in a small cabin when Molly went to hiding because she was carrying a bastard. Fitz didn't know about her pregnancy at the time. The only person she had to help her was Burrich. Because of complications, he also had to defend Molly and he claimed her as his wife.


Nettle was raised by Burich and Molly, together with her younger half-brothers. Her natural father kept an eye on her by means of his Skill. Although Chade and Kettricken wanted her to be raised at court, Fitz refused this. Nettle, who is Skilled as her father, made contact with her natural father in her dreams, although she didn't knew he was her father nor did she saw him there as he was, because he appeared as a wolf and thus Nettle called him Shadow Wolf.

Later life

When prince Dutiful discovers the existence of his cousin Nettle, he's angry with Fitz - and Chade - that they kept this hidden from him. He orders to send a carrier bird to tell queen Kettricken to summon Nettle to Buckkeep, as to protect her against the dragon Tintaglia who has entered Nettle's dreams. ...