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Tintaglia by John Howe.

Tintaglia is a silvery-blue dragon hatched from the last remaining wizardwood log. The hatching was helped by Reyn Khuprus and Selden Vestrit. She had already haunted the dreams of Reyn and Malta Vestrit, being desperate for help.

After her hatching, she helped Bingtown against Chalced and Jamaillia on the condition that they help the Sea serpents to change into dragons.

The Sea serpents needed help in swimming into the Serpent River and to form cocoons from the special sand that is only found in certain places along the river, mixing it with their own secretions. Tintaglia then protected them on her own as there was no other dragons to help her.

Tintaglia, when she found out that the new dragons coming out of their cocoons are helpless and weak creatures, and hearing that there might be another full-grown dragon lying in the ice of Aslevjal, started searching in dreams to look out for every piece of information that she could find about this dragon. Those haunted by her in their Skill-dreams were Nettle and Fitz.

She finally succeeds to find the dragon Icefyre alive on the island of Aslevjal and to mate with him. From then on the future of the dragons was assured again.

Selden Vestrit, the youngest son of Keffria Vestrit and Kyle Haven, is becoming an Elderling and acts as an ambassador for Tintaglia.

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The Realm of the Elderlings

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