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A group of islands to east and north of the Six Duchies.

Geography and ruling

Out Islands are a harsh and mountainous land with deep fjords and rough waters and ice rules there year round. Although the islands are immense, only small parts of them are inhabitable. There are no cities and only few towns. Villages and town-states are independent. During the Red Ship War Kebal Rawbread managed to force a sort of alliance among the folk, and afterwards the individual headmen realized the power such alliance could have for more things than just war and so the Hetgurd was formed.

History and mythology

The Outislanders consider themselves to be the folk of El and call their land the God Runes. It is said that between the Out Islands and the Six Duchies as much blood has been shared as has been shed. The first Farseers were Outislander raiders, and the folk of the coastal duchies are of a mingled blood and will freely admit having cousins in the Out Islands. The languages share some roots, but have to be studied if one wants to understand and communicate with the other part. For their poetry and songs, the rules of the language change and syllables can be streched or shortened to fit a measure.

Gender roles

The Outislanders are matriarchal and use tattoos to inidicate their motherhouses. The women are rarely warriors, but own the lands and everything that goes with it. Men are mostly warriors and can be away from home for years at a time, sailing and raiding. Thus it is not surprising that houses and farmlands are passed from mother to daughter, and that a man's connection to his mother's family is much stronger than any marriage bonds. If a man is overly long away at raiding, a woman might take another husband or a lover. As the ownership of the land goes from mother to daugther, it little matters who fathers the children.

  • clans and the animals
  • God Runes reckoning: the child is only counted as a member of the family after surviving his/her first year, thus their real age is actually what they say + 1 year

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