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Taker Farseer was a raider from the Out Islands who decided to make the wooden fortifications of Buckkeep his new home, and so started the line of the Farseers. He was the first king of Buck. It was Taker that started the Farseer tradition of naming nobility after traights they hoped them to possess as adults, although it is not known if Taker had the name before he created Buckkeep or took it afterwards, or if it was simply a coincidence and his Outislander name simply sounded similar to the word 'taker' in the language of the Six Duchies.

One legend of king Taker is that he was on his first raiding trip when he came to Buckkeep. He is reported to have said: "If there's a fire and a meal there, I shan't be leaving again". There was so he stayed. However, the Farseers think that he was probably just a poor sailor and if he hadn't managed to capture Buckkeep his own crew would have probably drowned him.